Casino Slots

Casino slots or slot machines are one of the most popular games that people play at casino online. Our guess is that this is the case because they are so simple, colorful and exciting, or maybe, just maybe because they often offer large progressive jackpots.

Usually you have two choices: Wheels and video games. Let's start with the wheels. As we all know, the game consists of a wheels that spin and each wheel gets a symbol. Different combinations of symbols pay out (of course this varies greatly from slot to slot). Now you can choose how many wheels you want to run with. There are usually up to five rows. There are usually a lot of different themes for casino slots to choose from. Cute, cool and action-packed, fantasy inspiring or glamorous.

You can push of a button to choose whether you want to bet maximum amount or just one credit. The table shows which combinations to win and how much.

One row means that there is only one row where winning combinations can come up. You can only win once per turn and if there are two winning combinations, you only win the highest.

Three rows means that you can get winning combinations in three different rows. In some games you can only win with two rows and you will only win the highest of the two. But these rules vary from game to game.

Wheels, 5 rows: Now it gets a little more confusing (but perhaps also more fun). Here you can win on five different lines - and that does not mean five different rows of symbols but three rows of symbols and five chances to win. In addition to choosing how many credits to bet, you should now choose which lines to bet on. Because these slotsen often so large you may have to click on a special button to see the paytable. You can not be as flexible with which lines you should invest in, but you have to bet on one and then select 2 and so on. You can not choose such only row 5. Often works like this casino slots by playing cards or anything else that we can easily understand us. Then, for example, function like this that you should get three of the same. Other pictograms are also included and they tend to be worth more than the cards. Some cards can win if you only get two in a row off. Another picture symbol can serve as a wildcard. But these things can vary from the different slots.

If there is any payout you do not understand, you can click on the table and you'll see why the combination gave the result.

Video game slots

Video games are different in that they are animated, sometimes also video and beautiful intros and more combinations of lines/rows to bet on. Usually you can choose from five to up to a couple of hundred gateways. See Casinoonlineinternet.com. for more information.

There is also something called ways, but it's a little more complicated. The involve a lot of different bonuses, free spins and so on and sometimes even more symbols get unlocked that give extra chances to win as you play.